Welcome to tdbf.sf.net - the online home of TDBF component. Here you will find the latest version of a component, documentation, tutorial and demonstration programs, logos for your programs, can place the information about your program in the happy users list and can find out how to contact with the author and other people, which participate in development and support of the component.

What is TDBF?

TDBF is a freeware native data access component for Borland Delphi, C++Builder and Kylix, and for FreePascal. It allows you to create very compact database programs that don't need any special installer programs. In fact the code to access your database is compiled in your project executable file. It takes only a few kilobytes in your executable and doesn't need any other external files to run.

Key features


Warning: TDbf does not work in personal editions of Delphi, C++Builder and Kylix. TDbf is a TDataset descendant and TDataset is not available in the personal editions.

Here you can download latest version of component, documentation and demonstration project.

Installation - Delphi, C++ Builder

Step 1: Uncompress the ZIP file in your component directory. For example C:\Program Files\Borland\Delphi5\Components\

Step 2: Launch Delphi. In the Delphi IDE select File->Open Project. If you are using:

Delphiselect the file tdbf_dXr.dpk, where X is your delphi version number
C++ Builderselect tdbf_cXr.bpk, where X is your bcb version number. Click Compile. You've now compiled the runtime part of the component.

Step 3: Open the 'design' package, which is named with a 'd' at the end instead of an 'r'. Note that Delphi 3 and 4 and BCB 4 don't have runtime and design packages, so you compile and install the single one without 'd' or 'r'.

Step 4: Open TDbf_Demo.dpr, the demo program and run it.

Please contact us in the forum if you have any installation problems.

TDbf needs contributors

If you have desire and enough time to improve or expand tdbf, you are welcome to join our team. Please contact us and discuss with us on IRC or by email.

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March 4th 2007

TDbf 6.9.1: big endian support, non-raw string field filter [full]

November 26th 2006

TDbf 6.9.0: BDE compatible index collation order (by Stephen Stewart) [full]

April 29th 2006

TDbf 6.4.8: locate/lookup can use alternate index besides current one, TDbf.CheckMasterRange for manual master/detail sync, and bug fixes [full]

February 4th 2006

TDbf 6.4.7: improved TDbf.CopyFrom, 64bit, BCB3 & D2005/2006 & K3 packages, lookup support [full]

November 19th 2005

TDbf 6.4.6: foxpro memo, foxpro double fieldtype, boolean type expressions, optional long character fields

July 14th 2005

TDbf 6.4.5: delphi 3 compat, various bug fixes for robustness

March 13th 2005

TDbf 6.4.3: delphi 3 compat, index corruption, storage negative numbers

December 31st 2004

TDbf 6.4.2: various bug fixes, restructure, buffer overflow

September 30th 2004

TDbf 6.4.0: index range/search bugs fixed, parse filter upon open

August 23rd 2004

TDbf 6.3.8: partial matching in filters and multi-user aware ranges! and many bug fixes of course

July 18th 2004

TDbf 6.3.7: dBase VII autoinc fixed: not backwards-compatible with 6.3.6; token parser rewrite, simpler and better now; sequential read speedup

May 19th 2004

TDbf 6.3.5: one major bug fix, causing app to crash on terminate

May 15th 2004

TDbf 6.3.4: parser changes and improvements, NULLFLAGS field recognition

March 20th 2004

TDbf 6.3.3: index delete and memo bug fixes, now works with Lazarus.

February 13th 2004

TDbf 6.3.2: MDX bug fixes, starting linux support with freepascal.

January 14th 2004

TDbf Demo 1.3.3: Fixes to compile with 6.3.1.


May 12th 2002

Working on a new filter working a run time with expressions like: COUNTRY='GB' AND YEAR>90.

May 4th 2002

TDbf now close properly the files when they are not in use. I did not spend much time on tDbf in the last few months but you must realize it is a very demanding project.

I encrypted every email in this web page to prevent spam.

August 3th 2001

TDBF 5.002 Again a few new pages for the demo. Correct a bug when reindexing. The scrollbars also look a bit less jumpy.

July 29th 2001

TDBF 5.001 Correct just a bug in memo fields when the memo field has been created with BDE. The demo has a few more pages.

A new newsletter is there.

I need contributors. Please see the contribution wanted section.

July 14th 2001

TDBF 4.010 contains different bug fixes. Float fields are now recognized correctly. Indexes are closed when the table is closed. I also recompiled the demo program for this release.

May 15th 2001

Already, one year! I can not believe how many email I received about TDBF. New version 4.009 has a better PackTable function, TDBF packs indexes now. It do not pack memo fields yet, does anyone knows a technique to do that without having to rewrite the whole .dbt and .dbf file?

February 4th 2001

I got a new hard drive. The version 4.005 is now pretty stable and used by hundreads.

December 15th 2000

I lost my hard drive.

November 16th 2000

I got my first message in the new forum!!. The mailing list contains more than 700 people.

October 1st 2000

In order to give some weight to this light component, I would like to a list of users in this Web-page. If you use TDBF in your Software, please join the tdbf.net happy.users.

September 1st 2000

Support for calculated fields. Thanks to try it.

August 17th 2000

NDX Index are publicly available for beta debugging.

July 31st 2000

Index are not available yet. But if some people are interested in beta debugging let us know.

June 21th 2000

We are working on indexes this a beta release with index (NDX) reading and part of index writing. I also changed the name of the file (Thanks to Guy Chabant) who told us that it the file is not recognized by some internet browsers.

May 21st 2000

First public release.