How to contact the author

Any request or contribution is very welcome.

Please use the SourceForge forum.

Or use irc: Note that although I am usually online, I am not always there in person. Please have some patience when you ask your question on irc.

For private messages:

e-mail: mdv -at- users -dot- sourceforge -dot- net

Contribution wanted

TDBF is a good idea for a component and a lot of people are using it. I had more than 10 000 downloads in the different websites I uploaded it (mainly Delphi Super Page and Torry). I also had hundreds of email and a good traffic in the forum.

But TDBF is also a very demanding project. If you want TDBF to evolve please help me. I need different type of people. If you can recognize you in one of these profile please email me and the world will remember your name.

TDBF users

Please contribute in the forums. Report if doesn't work but also if it works fine.

Happy users

Please send me the freeware or shareware you wrote using TDBF and I will host them here or at least give a link to your website.

English native speakers

I noticed that I got hundreds of users all over the world except America and England. I guess this is something to do with my grammar. If you want to help me to correct this page, you're welcome.

Delphi expert

Please don't hesitate to read the source of TDBF and correct it. There is still some bugs I am sure. If you want some improvements in TDBF, please email me before writing and sending me a contribution. Most improvement are welcome but some won't be part of TDBF. I don't want tDbf to became something too complicated or too big. The principal appeal is that it is a small component.

Main programmers

Micha Nelissen

Other contributors

Pascal Ganaye


Marcelo Pitanga

Michel Munoz


Oliver Hager

Wenlin Liang

Andreas Wollenstein

Karel Kucera

Michael Gillson

Bruno Depero

Tim Bortnik

Richard Gawler

Tell me if I forgot your name